Online Guide to Mediation News Roundup | October 7, 2007

Here is Mediation links for week of October 7, 2007Online Guide to Mediation‘s latest round-up of links for mediators:

From Bob Sutton is a link to a video by a professor of organizational behavior at Stanford who takes an honest look at “why we’d rather lie than be associated with failure“.

George Lenard points to “Top Small Workplaces 2007“, which reveals what successful small businesses do to motivate, develop, and retain their employees.

For conflict resolution trainers, mediation training videos from UK Mediation Ltd. depict the stages of a workplace dispute from initial flare-up to agreement, courtesy of Bill Warters.

Boing Boing reports on the latest customer relations snafu by a large corporation: AT&T punishes consumers for speaking out on the web.

At Not Exactly Rocket Science, learn how “Genes affect our likelihood to punish unfair play“.

Thanks to Diana Skaggs, learn “What Price Does The Company Pay In An Executive’s Divorce Or Custody Battle? Without Some Forethought, A Hefty One“–which I think could be used to support the argument that employee assistance programs should include mediation services among their offerings.

Vickie Pynchon urges readers to haggle when it comes to purchasing consumer goods, and points to No More Haggling, a company that seeks to capitalize on the American aversion to negotiating.

Finally, a project in Jerusalem uses the power of the stage to encourage Jewish and Arab audiences to hear the other side of the story.

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