Blawg Review #128 hosted from Trinity College Dublin

This week’s Blawg Review, the review of the best in legal blogging hosted each week at a different blog, marks an important milestone: it is the first Blawg Review hosted in Ireland.

Host Daithí Mac Síthigh is a graduate student at the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin, and publishes the blog Lex Ferenda, where he explores his interests–and demonstrates his considerable knowledge– in cyberlaw, media, and intellectual property.

Curious about the meaning of the name of Daithí’s blog? The wise and anonymous editor of Blawg Review tells us that

Lex ferenda (also called de lege ferenda) is a Latin expression that means “what the law ought to be” (as opposed to lex lata, “the law as it exists”).

(But those of you who still remember your high school Latin or have your old law school dictionary handy probably knew that already.)

Click here to enjoy Blawg Review #128–and pay a visit to Dublin. (And don’t miss the link to Banned Book Week.)

(By the way, in two weeks, Geoff Sharp and I will be sharing the hosting honors to commemorate the week in which Conflict Resolution Day is observed. Hope to see you there.)

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