"Art of the Dispute": American Express ad campaign touts benefits of dispute resolution

American Express ad campaign - The Art of the DisputeA member of a group I’m working with to develop a logo and marketing slogan for court-connected dispute resolution services just sent us all a link to “The Art of the Dispute“, an American Express ad that’s been airing during the U.S. Open.

Starring former tennis professional John McEnroe, remembered not only for his virtuosity on the tennis courts but also for his fearsome temper, the ad lauds the advantages of American Express cardmember dispute resolution services.

You can view either the commercial or a lengthier video clip. It’s a clever ad, regardless of what you may think about either McEnroe or American Express–and no matter what, it doesn’t hurt the mediation field that dispute resolution — with its promise of “less arguing” — gets placed squarely in front of the attention of the television-viewing public.

2 responses to “"Art of the Dispute": American Express ad campaign touts benefits of dispute resolution

  1. Diane, the american express “art of dispute” is covering dangerous ground. Basically if you had dinner out 11 months ago and used your Amex card and today decide to not pay you can call up this “special service” at American express and initiate a refund. Then the merchant has to answer the claim. Then the card member can redispute and it goes into arbitration where someone without a law degree or arbitration certification makes a decision? “Arbitration” is processed internally at America Express by someone that is NOT legally proficient to understand the nuances of the different types of law. Its like having a receptionist review your file to see if you should have heart surgery.This “art of dispute” sounds great on a commercial but AE will soon be backlogged with merchant relationship issues and disputes that are more involved than something “not charged” or “not received.” A credit card company cannot judge a situation when they have the potential of bias to either the merchant or the card member.Selling tennis balls is one thing but as more merchants with higher price points realize that 11 months and 29 days later someone can “dispute” and have their money held till arbitration is done inhouse more merchants will be putting American Express back in the penalty box like they were in the 90’sOnce the merchant processing drops on high dollar, involved contract purchases and they get bit financially they will bury this or amend it to get merchants back.

  2. So true. I own a company that produces custom printed products with a large online presence.There are times a customer gets something, and even if the print quality is great, but it’s just not what they expected, they can dispute the charge.We can’t take a return on the product, because it’s custom printed. And even in our terms and conditions of sale, we say no returns on custom products, AMEX always sides with the customer.It’s not about product not received or not charged. We’re a reputable compnay, and people now can take full advantage of us by using AMEX when they feel like it.We had one customer put in a $2,000custom printed order, once delivered said he chaged his mind about wanting the product and wanted to return it. When we declined, he contacted lied and contacted AMEX and said the product was defective, when it was not, jsut to get out of paying.They told him to return the product and issued him a full refund. And we were stuck with a custom product that is not resellable. And he only returned half of it.We dropped AMEX becuase of this, and every time I see this MCenroe commercial, nt only do I chage the channell, but I know for a fact merchants will be dropping AMEX in the future.