Read Blawg Review to stay informed (and entertained)

603997_wanna_take_a_ride Charles S. Rhyne, who served as president of the American Bar Association during 1957-58, once observed, “Law offers the best hope for order in a disordered world.”

Given how integral the law is to our political, commercial, and social institutions, remaining informed about its influence on our lives is important.

And one of my favorite ways to stay informed about the law is by reading Blawg Review, the weekly review of legal blogging. Presented each week by a different host, Blawg Review shows readers the many faces of the law–sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, sometimes provocative.

And don’t forget fun.

Consider some recent hosts:

Blawg Review #123, presented by the Texas Appellate Law Blog in the form of a decision issued by the Supreme Court of the Blawgosphere. (Links include coverage of the shenanigans that followed when one law firm commissioned a really bad theme song–and word leaked out about it.)

Blawg Review #122, presented by David Gulbransen as a law school course catalog (which includes a post that asks “What’s Your Favorite Bad Legal Argument?“)

Blawg Review #121, hosted by The Inspired Solo which opted to forgo a theme for a plain vanilla (albeit very tasty) presentation. Worthwhile links include two posts on listening as life skills – here and here, along with Stephanie West Allen’s reflections on the Summer of Love)

Whatever you do, be sure to catch next week’s Blawg Review. This is the second time for host George Lenard of Employment Blawg, who burned up the charts when he hosted Blawg Review #15, the sixties rock ‘n’ roll edition (although if you remember it, you weren’t there).

(Photo by Ronald Schuster.)

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