News roundup for mediators

News this week for the ADR professionalFor your reading pleasure, some links to news stories especially for mediators:

Can a surfeit of choices be too much of a good thing as far as effective decision making goes? That may just be the case, according to “Just Choose It!” from The Situationist.

They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely, but even smaller doses can be fatal. Bob Sutton offers “More Evidence that Getting a Little Power Turns You into a Self-Centered Jerk“.

When you say “I’m sorry”, surprisingly enough it may not matter if you don’t really mean it. collision detection discusses the results of a recent study that shows that “Fake apologies are as good as sincere ones.

Finally,‘s Inhouse Counsel considers “Arbitration’s Costs and Dangers” and explains that “in many respects, mediation offers all the benefits of arbitration — lower costs, faster results — without the limitations.”

(Photo by Sanja Gjenero.)

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