In celebration of women who blog

in celebration of women bloggersA persistent myth about the internet is that it is dominated largely by male voices.

In truth the internet echoes as well with the voices of women–strong voices worth listening to. These voices are being collected now in the steadily growing W Magical List of Women Bloggers which celebrates women who blog.

I was delighted to see familiar names of women who not only blog but who also mediate. They include Stephanie West Allen, Tammy Lenski, Victoria Pynchon, Kristina Haymes, and Dina Beach Lynch. I feel very honored that Online Guide to Mediation made the list as well.

Some names I’d like to see added are Diana Skaggs, Gini Nelson and Monica Bay. And I was going to also suggest the inclusion of Carolyn Elefant, a role model for many of us, but I see that someone beat me to it and her name is already listed.

What women bloggers inspire you?

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