Trouble in paradise: new ways of managing marital disputes

Trouble in paradiseIt looks like the digital age has spawned a whole new range of problems that can mar marital bliss, according to “‘Til Tech Do Us Part“, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. Blogging, email, and mix-ups involving accounts are among the perils that lie in wait for newlyweds.

Whether couples are faced with 21st century troubles or more traditional challenges like money or differences in parenting styles, there’s no doubt that marriage is not always a bed of roses–and even if it is, coping with the thorns isn’t easy.

According to this post by Dave Hoffman at Concurring Opinions, one entrepreneur has a novel solution: financial incentive in the form of marriage insurance with “a guaranteed, high return payout for achieving such a milestone as a 25th (Silver) wedding anniversary”.

Meanwhile, in the event that a marriage fails and divorce looms on the horizon, there’s divorce software designed to help couples negotiate the division of the marital estate, as Stephanie West Allen at Idealawg describes. Unfortunately, with the focus of the divorce software on compromise rather than collaboration, couples may miss more creative and mutually profitable ways of dividing assets, according to Stephanie’s analysis. A human actor assisting in the negotiations can stimulate a three-dimensional consideration of all the factors involved.

This means of course that mediators are by no means obsolete. If the question is, “Do you want to work it out?” mediators can still help people get to “I do”.

(Hat tips to Slash Dot for the link on tech troubles for the married, and to Blawg Review for the link to the post on divorce insurance.)

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