And now for something completely different: Tarheel Mediator latest addition toWorld Directory of ADR Blogs

The latest addition to the World Directory of ADR Blogs is Tar Heel Mediator, published by North Carolina attorney William B. Wallace. I’m going to let Will introduce himself and his blog:

Tar Heel Mediator is a blog devoted to mediation and other forms of ADR from the perspective of a reforming litigation attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina. The blog will touch on developments in ADR specific to North Carolina and beyond, hopefully in an entertaining fashion. I also hope to provide a lay person who visits the site with some guidance as to how ADR works, and why it can work for them.

Check out Will’s most recent post, “Lobbing missiles at mediation“, which not only invites mediators to share their strategies for handling posturing parties at the negotiation table but also irresistibly invokes Monty Python‘s The Holy Grail.

(Speaking of Monty Python, in my opinion the haggling scene from Life of Brian may be one of the funniest cinematic depictions of negotiation ever. If any of you have a favorite negotiation scene from either television or film, tell us all in a comment to this post.)

Congratulations on the launch of your new blog, Will!

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