Blawg Review: It's not just for lawyers any more

Blawg Review hosted by mediator Arnie HerzMediators, mark your calendars.

Blawg Review, the traveling review of the best each week in legal blogging, will be hosted this coming Monday by one of our own.

Arnie Herz, who has been called “one of New York’s most highly skilled and gifted mediators” by United States District Judge Carl Horn III, will be putting his own unique stamp on Blawg Review at Legal Sanity, the blog Arnie created to help lawyers achieve work-life balance and find reinvigorated meaning in their work.

For those of you who blog, if you’d like to help Arnie out and submit a blog post for his consideration as he prepares to deliver Blawg Review #108, here are the official Blawg Review submission guidelines.

In the meantime, Blawg Review #107 is hosted this week by the implacable Professor Kingfield. Sit up straight and make sure you’ve done your homework.

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