May 1 is Law Day: how will you celebrate it?

May 1 is Law Day--Celebrate!Two weeks ago I published a post explaining why I would not be observing One Day Blog Silence today, April 30, when many bloggers will be observing a collective day of silence in honor of the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings along with others who have fallen to violence throughout the world.

I have chosen not to participate. Today instead I am calling attention to another important observance. Tomorrow is Law Day. Law Day, a public education initiative of the American Bar Association, was created to celebrate democracy and the rule of law. I can think of no better way to honor those who have perished through violence than to celebrate the fundamental liberties that the rule of law protects. Before we can have peace in the world, we need justice first.

How will you celebrate Law Day? For some ideas, visit the Law Day web site.

One response to “May 1 is Law Day: how will you celebrate it?

  1. Vickie Pynchon

    I’M celebrating Law Day like this:1. remembering what pleasure it gave me in 1969 to learn that I was not simply born on “May Day” but on THE Communist holiday — yet another thing I could use to irritate my long-suffering mother who was unlucky enough to have two teenage daughters during “the sixties” (sorry mom, I love you!); 2. remembering my startled glee at learning my (now) husband’s birthday was ALSO on May the first (serendipity) during our “business trip” to London for a settlement conference in the case that first brought us together (see what beneficial effects alternative dispute resolution can have on your life?)3. counting my 55-year birthday blessings, particularly those bestowed on me by my great new friends, like Diane, in the blogosphere.Thanks again for everything Diane!Vickie