Attention conflict resolution writers: Settle It Now, quarterly dispute resolution journal, issues call for articles

Settle It Now issues call for articlesSettle It Now, a web-based dispute resolution journal which launched earlier this year, has issued a call for articles for an upcoming issue. Settle It Now, published quarterly, was founded by Victoria Pynchon, a California-based attorney-mediator and author of a negotiation blog, Settle It Now Blog Spot. The submission deadline is September 15, 2006.

Vickie Pynchon has asked me to share with my readers the following information about Settle It Now and its inaugural issue:

We have a distinguished Advisory Editorial Board and intend to become one of the five top academic journals of note in the fields of alternate dispute resolution and restorative justice practices, as well as the social, cultural, psychological and political study of conflict. We are looking for articles in the fields of mediation, arbitration, restorative justice, international relations, consensus building and peace activism.

Our first volume (see is eclectic in subject matter and international in scope. Robert M. Nelson of the Canadian Gowlings law firm contributed an article on the use of alternate dispute resolution programs in post-Communist societies. Robert Dobbins provided an incisive essay on best practices in drafting mediation and arbitration agreements — the commercial litigation “pre-nup.” Kenneth Cloke graciously allowed us to publish a chapter from his new book, The Crossroads of Conflict. The chapter published, “Mediating Evil, War and Terrorism — the Politics of Conflict”, is an unflinching look at the evil we suffer and the evil we do. Troy Anthony Thomas provided us with a fascinating study of the conflict resolution style and substance of Jesus of Nazareth — a much needed investigation given our nation’s present religious polarization on nearly every critical issue from religious study and practice in the schools, to “intelligent design,” gay marriage, and abortion. How would Jesus have resolved these conflicts in modern society? Finally, Editor-in-Chief Victoria Pynchon included her own article on restorative justice practices in the criminal justice system. She reviews the ways in which former offenders can find peace and purpose in post-offender communities in much the same way that recovering alcoholics have pursued healthy and productive lives through the principles and practices of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Upcoming issues will feature other original articles, essays, book reviews, practice updates and transcripts of programs that are of interest to all those involved in conflict resolution, be they students, volunteers, working mediators, arbitrators, ombuds, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists or artists.

For further information, you can contact Vickie at vpynchon [at], or view Settle It Now‘s submission guidelines.

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