Yellow Chair Stories: artist uses a wifi connection and one wooden chair to create community

Yellow Chair StoriesThis morning a friend, knowing my interest in the use of digital technology to foster human interaction, forwarded to me a link to the Yellow Chair Stories, one postgraduate art student’s experiment in using a wifi connection and one yellow wooden chair to create some community and conversation in the London neighborhood she lived in.

Anab Jain, as a project for the Royal College of Art, placed a brightly painted wooden chair together with a welcoming sign outside her flat which read, “My Wifi network is open for neighbours and passersby – FREE ACCESS FROM THIS CHAIR!”

Jain explains her experiment in art and social interaction this way:

By placing this sign and a yellow chair outside my house, I conducted a live service design intervention and extended the boundaries of my home to encompass the boundaries of my wireless network.

This ‘grass roots’ design approach illustrates how wireless technologies could become interfaces to recreate transient spaces for conversations at the threshold of the public and the private, the physical and the electronic.

Jain is bringing her work to California to ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge & the Thirteenth International Symposium of Electronic Art beginning on August 7.

(Thanks, Connie, for the link!)

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