Bad company: relations between Britain and U.S. at all-time low

Bush administration policies damage British public's opinion of AmericansBad news arrives from England today–bad news most certainly for Americans like myself who are committed to the principles of international diplomacy.

Justin Patten at Human Law reports on the results of a survey of Britons published in the Daily Telegraph which shows that Britain, formerly one of America’s closest allies, now has a deeply negative view of the U.S. as a direct result of the Bush administration’s strong-arm approach to foreign policy.

From the Telegraph‘s report:

A majority of Britons think American culture and the actions of the present American administration are making the world a worse place to live in, and almost no one believes America is now, if it ever was, a beacon to the world. Well over half of those interviewed regard the US as an imperial power bent on dominating the world by one means or another.

Americans can read all the grim details here. (And if you need some cheering up, here’s a clock counting down to Bush’s last day in office.)

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