World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs has 8 new additions

World Directory of ADR BlogsSeveral weeks ago I announced the official launch of the new home of the World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs.

Since then, there have been some new additions — eight, in fact. In some cases the bloggers were kind enough to contact me directly to introduce themselves and ask to be included; others were my own happy discovery. In any case, I am pleased to welcome the following eight blogs to the Directory:

  • Blog Based in Spain, this blog is published by, a web portal with frequently updated content providing a range of services and resources for Spanish-speaking mediators.
  • Community Mediation Center Blog. This blog is published by The Community Mediation Center, a not-for-profit mediation center in southeastern Virginia, U.S., which, according to its web site, “provides education and services to build the capacity of youth, families, individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities to more effectively resolve, reduce and prevent conflict.”
  • Divorce Law Journal. I’ve described this excellent blog as one which offers “lucidly written, intelligent analysis” of legal issues, and I stand by that. This blog consistently delivers the goods. Although its Louisville-based author Diana Skaggs tracks Kentucky divorce and family law, her blog has a nation-wide scope, staying abreast of developments in these practice areas across the U.S. For American mediators who work closely with divorcing couples and families, this blog, published by a mediation-friendly attorney, is a must-read stop on the web.
  • Gestão de Conflitos Familiares (Family Conflicts). This Portuguese language blog published from Brazil by Lisiane Lindenmeyer Kalil focuses on the resolution of conflict within the family through a primarily legal and psychological approach. In the words of its author, “Este é um espaço de reflexão sobre as possíveis formas de gestão (ou “resolução”, ou “solução”, ou “gerenciamento”, ou “equacionamento”, enfim…) dos conflitos ocorridos no âmbito da família, sob um enfoque principalmente jurídico e psicológico.”
  • The Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution Blog. Published by the IIMCR, this blog provides news, analysis, and commentary relating to conflict resolution in the global arena.
  • Justiça Restaurativa em Portugal. This Portuguese language weblog was created to promote restorative justice practices, theory, and events in Portugal. I believe this is the first blog anywhere in the world to focus on restorative justice as its primary subject matter.
  • Securities Law Weblog. This blog, published by, comments on securities law development, including securities law, rules, regulations, and securities arbitration.
  • Workplace Prof Blog. A member of the Law Professor Blogs Network and co-authored by law professors Richard Bales and Paul Secunda, this highly respected blog tracks and reports on developments in labor and employment law, including matters relating to alternative dispute resolution and the workplace, particularly arbitration.

If you wish to add your blog or someone else’s to the World Directory of ADR Blogs, please let me know. It’s a completely commercial-free site, and there is no cost to be listed. The Directory has information on submitting your blog and submission guidelines.

My great appreciation to those of you who were kind enough to link to the old or new versions of the Directory from your own blogs. Your support means a great deal. My thanks goes to:

Robert Ambrogi
Blonde Justice
Lisiane Lindenmeyer Kalil
Ethan Katsh
Law Librarian Blog
Tammy Lenski
National Arbitration Forum Blog
Justin Patten
Ross Runkel
Joel Schoenmeyer
Diana Skaggs
Bill Warters
Robert Williamson

(If I left someone out, please drop me a line and let me know–I’ll make sure I add your name.)

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2 responses to “World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs has 8 new additions

  1. Lisiane Lindenmeyer Kalil

    Thank you, Diane, as I’ve mentioned in the e-mail I’ve send to you it’s really a pleasure having my blog in the World of the ADR Blogs. These ADR Blogs and Web Ring are very important to share experiences about new ways to conflict resolution. Congratulations for the enterprise!Best regards from Brazil!Lisiane Lindenmeyer KalilGestão de Conflitos

  2. Mark Astarita

    Diane – thanks for including my blog in the World of ADR Blog list. It is a great idea, and hopefully a great resource for attorneys and clients.Mark