A convincing case for net neutrality

Support net neutralityKevin O’Keefe makes the case today that lawyers should rally to support net neutrality, the notion that the Internet should be a level playing field for all who participate. For that matter, mediators (whose stock in trade after all is neutrality) should, too.

When the inventor of the Internet himself (Tim Berners-Lee, not Al Gore) speaks out in its support, we’d all better listen. You can do just that by watching Berners-Lee’s impassioned and convincing video plea to preserve net neutrality. Amanda Congdon, host of the daily videoblog Rocketboom, has posted an editorial today you won’t want to miss that takes viewers on a road trip illustrating the impact of net neutrality’s demise.

To hear both sides of the issue, read these two dueling perspectives on net neutrality via Slashdot, which aired on National Public Radio this week, one by Scott Cleland, CEO of the Precursor Group, and a spokesperson for the telecom industry, and the other by Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist, and a proponent of net neutrality.

Before you make up your mind, ask yourself how much you trust Comcast or Verizon or any of the other telecom giants. Given the inexcusably rotten customer service experiences I’ve had with both of those corporate weasels, I know which side I’m on.

To join the good fight, visit SaveTheInternet.com.

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