Million Artists to create world's largest collaborative abstract work

Million Artists web site an experiment in collaborative artFans of James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds, a book that celebrates the problem-solving and creative powers of groups, will want to visit Million Artists, a fundraising project which invites donors to play a role in creating the world’s largest collaborative abstract art work.

Visitors to the site can choose a color, make a donation to the medical charity of their choice (either Médecins Sans Frontières or SickKids Foundation), and then place their pixel on a digital canvas.

Although it is far more likely that the end result will be more Jackson Pollock than Whistler’s Mother, so far the project has attracted 161 donors and thousands of curious visitors. (For some online fun, visit this web site that allows you to create your very own digital Jackson Pollock by moving and clicking your mouse.)

To view (or to support) this work in progress, visit the Million Artists home page. To donate, you can click here.

(Via Collision Detection.)

One response to “Million Artists to create world's largest collaborative abstract work

  1. Even further off the beaten (defeated?) path; “Settlement Resolution” approach: developed using creative visual/cartographic thinking perspectives. Is this going to be the World’s “largest” art installation (visible from space) ?