World Directory of ADR Blogs launches

Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution BlogsTracking and cataloguing alternative dispute resolution blogs has been one of my ongoing projects. When I first began blogging in January 2005, only a few active ADR blogs existed.

Today there are enough of us to warrant our own directory.

The World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs, located at lists blogs alphabetically, by country, and by category, including:

  • General Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs
  • ADR-Friendly Blogs
  • ADR Marketing Blogs
  • Arbitration Blogs
  • Conflict Resolution & Peace Blogs
  • Mediation Blogs
  • Negotiation Blogs
  • Online Dispute Resolution Blogs
  • Restorative Justice Blogs

My purpose in creating and launching the Directory, a non-commercial site, is to continue as I have done to raise public awareness, particularly within the ADR community, of the value of blogging and the extent to which it has contributed to the quality of conversation about our field, our work, and our practice.

Although it’s not required for inclusion in the Directory, your support of this project would be most welcome, which you can do by linking to the directory or publishing a post about it if you happen to be a blogger yourself.

If you wish to suggest a blog to add to the Directory, whether your own or someone else’s, please let me know.

(My deepest appreciation to Bob Ambrogi for the warm welcome to this new site.)

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