New blog offers a forum for rational discussion on diversity

New blog explores diversityIf you’re interested in the subject of diversity (and I don’t know anyone in the dispute resolution field who isn’t), visit Law Firm Diversity: A Rational Discussion, a new blog which launched earlier this month.

According to its author, Mister Thorne, Law Firm Diversity

…is intended to promote a rational discussion about what’s called the business case for diversity: the creativity and problem-solving ability of a group is a function of diversity.

Thorne asks, “Is there any rational justification for the claim, or is it hyperbole? And if it’s hype, why does most every Am Law 200 firm make the claim? Who’s in the audience for it?”

This blog, in addition to the usual “About This Blog” and “About Me” pages, also features an “About You” page which urges readers to join the conversation:

What I do know is this — in order for this blog to achieve the goal of being The Place for a rational discussion of law firm diversity, you need to participate. You need to share your thoughts and ideas. Go ahead and discuss a delicate topic of interest.And if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of being too closely associated with your own thoughts, feel free to post your comments anonymously.

Intrigued? You can participate here.

(Thanks to Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites for the link.)

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