Legal futurist sees new directions for dispute resolution and the practice of law

New directions seen for the future of dispute resolution and the practice of lawEarlier this year, I linked to a Times Online article by legal futurist Richard Susskind with his predictions about the future of legal practice and dispute resolution.

For those eager to learn more about what the future holds, via Slaw, the cooperative Canadian legal research and IT weblog, comes news that “The Next Ten Years“, Richard Susskind’s Society for Computers & Law 2006 Lecture, is available now both in podcast and in edited transcript form. Susskind sets forth his vision of the coming transformation in the nature of legal service, legal education, and dispute resolution that the future holds.

Not only lawyers but alternative dispute resolution professionals will want to pay close attention to Susskind’s views of technology’s influence on the evolution of the practice of law and the resolution of disputes, together with his prediction that client demand will shift focus from dispute resolution to dispute prevention.

And all of us will want to heed his reminder that “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

For more information on legal futurism, please see “The future is now: a strategic approach to dispute resolution and the law“, an article which appeared in November on this blog.

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