Boston attorney hosts a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at this week’s Blawg Review

Blawg Review goes down the rabbit hole this week with host Brandy KarlAs a Boston-area attorney-mediator, I experienced some home-team pride to learn that Boston lawyer Brandy Karl is hosting this week’s Blawg Review, the weekly review of the best in law blogging, over at her blog, bk! (which has nothing to do with the fast food restaurant chain and everything to do with her work as an intellectual property attorney).

In pursuit of a theme, Brandy takes readers down the rabbit hole to Wonderland (that’s Wonderland as in Alice and not the subway station familiar to Boston public transit commuters).

(Blawg Review of course isn’t just for lawyers. There’s something in it for mediators as well. Click here to get convinced. Blawg Review, incidentally, has been hosted twice now by mediators–once by me and once by retired mediator David Giacalone.)

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