Poetic justice: First anniversary edition of Blawg Review hosted by law blogger poet David Giacolone

This week's Blawg Review hosted by poet laureate law blogger David GiacoloneDevotees of the law will not want to miss the first anniversary edition of Blawg Review, the weekly review of the best in law blogging, hosted by law blog poet laureate (and retired mediator) David Giacolone. David, whose highly creative law blog is celebrated for its “one-breath poetry & breathless punditry”, in the words of Blawg Review, delivers up plenty of witty commentary and the haiku his blog is known for.

Baseball fans (who all have a little poetry in their souls) should also take time to explore David’s baseball haiku. Sweetly evocative, these haiku will undoubtedly summon up the smell of hot dogs and mustard together with childhood memories of neighborhood pick-up games. My own favorite:

a long fly ball
arcs above the moon…
summer deepens

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