The real thing: Coca-Cola uses blogging to engage its workforce in a company-wide conversation

Coca-Cola Company uses blog to survey employeesFor several years now I’ve served as a trainer in a nationwide dispute management and conflict resolution training program at Coca-Cola Enterprises, Coca-Cola’s bottling business. This ambitious program will train over 40,000 managers and employees at all levels of the company in mediation and conflict resolution skills.

I was therefore fascinated to learn through Neville Hobson’s blog about the efforts of the Coca-Cola Company to use blogging as a medium for its employees to share their views and give feedback on Coke’s “Manifesto for Growth“–its vision and mission, together with its values. Employees around the world will be invited to join the conversation.

Meanwhile, high-level executives of other companies, large and small, should ask themselves what they could be doing to get the conversation going with their own employees. After all, getting people talking can get people motivated.

(Via Kevin O’Keefe at Real Lawyers Have Blogs.)

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