ADR blog directory onlineAlthough hundreds of law blogs now populate the Internet, there still exist no more than a handful of alternative dispute resolution blogs. Readers may remember my own efforts from last June to inventory alternative dispute resolution blogs. My survey last year found fewer than 20 ADR blogs, a number of which were no longer active.

Law blogs are so numerous now that they require their own Linnaean system to classify and describe them. Last week I introduced readers to law student Ian Best, whose for-credit blog project includes the creation of a taxonomy of U.S. and Canadian law blogs, which now number 610 strong. The intrepid editors of Blawg Review have embarked upon a law blog project of their own and have announced the creation of “myHQ blawgs“, a collaborative and comprehensive law blog directory. There is also, of course,, a web site tracking law blogs world-wide, which now lists 1233 law-related blogs across 205 categories.

Inspired by the work of both Ian Best and the hard-working editors at Blawg Review, I decided to create an online Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs.

Categories include alternative dispute resolution generally, mediation, arbitration, negotiation, conflict resolution and peacemaking, as well as ADR marketing. I have also created an “ADR Friendly” category for blogs which are not ADR blogs per se but which frequently feature articles on ADR or which are published by individuals who are mediators themselves but whose wide-ranging writing explores different terrain. And, since many of us in the ADR field seek out diverse perspectives, particularly on the global level, I have also added a category for “World Views”, which includes the group blog Global Voices Online.

But I need my readers’ help.

As you will see, as of right now, the list of alternative dispute resolution blogs is short. So, if you know of a blog that should be included, I invite you all to let me know. If your own blog is missing or misspelled, let me know. If a link is broken, let me know. If you want to add a new category, let me know. If you have feedback or ideas…I think you get the idea.

And please spread the word to colleagues and friends. A link back from your own blog would be much appreciated as well. Thanks in advance for supporting this project!

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