BEST IN SHOW: Law student Ian Best blogs for credit while undertaking a study of legal blogging (with something of interest for mediators)

Law student conducts study of legal blogs

Is it just me, or have law students gotten infinitely more resourceful and creative since my own law school days?

Ian Best, a third-year law student at Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University, has embarked upon a first-of-its-kind experiment: he’s blogging for credit. Best has undertaken a study of “the growing phenomenon of ‘blawgs,’ the weblogs of lawyers, law professors, and law students”, using 3L Epiphany, the blog he created, as a vehicle through which to explore the legal blogosphere and to report his findings. You can read more about Best’s objectives here.

As part of his research, Best is in the process of developing a taxonomy of legal blogs, broken down by practice areas, which, my mediator friends will be glad to learn, includes a category for alternative dispute resolution.

Best’s innovation does not end there. There’s a footnote (literally) to all this that mediators will appreciate. I’ll let Best explain, as he did in a recent email to me:

“I am an Associate Editor on the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution, so I have become somewhat familiar with mediation… I have written a “Recent Development” case note which will be published in an upcoming issue, and it includes a final footnote which directs people to a post on my blog. I mention this only because I think this is also unprecedented: a case note by a law student that includes an “electronic footnote” on the student’s blog, so that the note can be constantly updated. The URL for that footnote, which contains an explanation but not yet an update to the case note, is here.”

I hope you will join me in wishing Ian success in his project and in his law school and legal careers.

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