PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM: New interactive negotiation adventure game ready to play online

Zapdramatic releases new online interactive negotiation game, Move or Die

Zapdramatic, the Canadian-based interactive media company, is well known for the online negotiation games and simulations it designs and produces. Its portfolio includes “The Raise” and “The Angry Neighbor”, a mediation game (links to these games and others can be found online here).

Its web site now features a brand new interactive negotiation adventure, “Move or Die,” a film noir animation in which players assume the role of a hitchhiker who has to negotiate his way through perils which include an ethically-challenged brother-and-sister pair, a dead body carrying $10,000 cash, and a trapdoor to man-eating piranhas (all in a day’s work for your typical negotiator).

This negotiation game is currently available for free to visitors to Zapdramatic’s web site. Other interactive dramas can be found here.

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