Virtual visitation helps divorced parents keep connected to their children

Virtual Visitation helps parents and kids stay in touch after divorceFor divorced or separating parents, finding ways to come up with a workable visitation plan is tough enough when they live in close geographic proximity to each other. But it can be heartbreakingly frustrating for parents and children alike when many miles or even time zones lie between.

Mediators and attorneys who work with families and couples struggling with divorce may wish to explore Virtual Visitation, which offers innovative ways to stay connected through the use of digital technology.

For a primer on Virtual Visitation, stop by, where you can watch a video to see two examples of Virtual Visitation in action, find information and updates on Virtual Visitation legislation, or learn how to get started with virtual visiting. You can even find a link to Virtual Families and Families, a blog which explores the wide range of applications for virtual visits.

As cautions, Virtual Visitation should be used to supplement, not substitute for, face-to-face, quality time with loved ones. But it can be a great way to remain involved in the daily routines of children and other family members, regardless of time and distance.

In addition, here’s a link to “6 Ways to Make ‘Virtual Visitation’ Work“, which includes tips on creating a web page for your child as a means of sharing ideas and family news.

(Many thanks to Bob Ambrogi’s Law Sites for the link and the inspiration.)

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