Let's face it: test your understanding of facial expressions

Understanding facial expressions is key to successful communicationIf words make up only 7 percent of our communication, as some researchers have claimed, then actions do indeed speak louder than words. Our facial expressions in particular must surely speak volumes.

This means that we must listen closely not only to what is said but to all that is unspoken–to attend closely to facial expressions to gain insight into the deeper meaning that awaits us.

Curious to learn how skillful you are at correctly interpreting facial expressions? Then try your hand (and eye) at the Facial Expressions Test, based on “The Micro Expression Training Tool” developed by Paul Ekman, Ph.D., an expert on nonverbal behavior and for 32 years a professor of psychology at the University of California at San Francisco.

For more nonverbal (and verbal) challenges, visit Exploring Nonverbal Communication, a web site of the University of California at Santa Cruz, which allows visitors to test their understanding of facial expressions, gestures, and much more.

(With many thanks to my friend Geoff Sharp for generously passing the link to the Facial Expressions Test along to me.)

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