TEAM SPIRIT: Model for achievement emphasizes collaboration

Model for achievement includes advice to build relationships and act collaborativelyAfter blogging in the past (here and here) on the inestimable importance of relationship-building in business and personal contexts, I was glad to be introduced by Bob Coffield over at the Health Care Law Blog to “The Opportunity Wedge“, from the web site More Partner Income.

While I disagree with the rather grim premise that life’s opportunities form a wedge–with our birth as the largest edge of the wedge when possibility and potential are greatest, with opportunities narrowing with each choice and decision we make–I can think of plenty of examples of people reinventing themselves in later life, opening up doors to new beginnings and opportunity–nonetheless, this model for instilling achievement-oriented goals in new law firm associates comes along with sound advice for anyone, regardless of where they happen to be on their career or life trajectories.

And much of that advice will resonate with anyone who works in the dispute resolution field, in particular the following:

  • It is all About Giving: Relationships are built by helping others
  • Two Words to Use: “Thank you,” “You’re welcome,” and “I’m sorry”
  • People Bank: Save them; they pay a great return
  • Miss Manners: Behavior counts
  • Play Offense: Act, don’t react
  • We not I: Great things are accomplished through others
  • Collaboration Trumps Competition: Personal contribution is valuable, but it took collaboration to build the Pyramids

You can read the rest of the advice here.

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