OUTSIDE THE BOX THINKING: Some brainstorming tools and one great tip for dispute resolvers

Brainstorming and creativity techniques for mediatorsBringing creativity to problem solving is what attorneys, mediators, and other dispute resolution professionals can offer clients in conflict. And we’re always looking for ways to do what we do more creatively.

Looking for a way to get parties in mediation thinking about their goals or to prepare themselves to come to the mediation table? Matt Homann at the [non]billable hour has a great brainstorming idea for mediators, via the Achieve-IT! blog.

On the look-out for other ideas to stimulate creative thinking? Check out “Free the Genie” at the Idea Champions, the Whack Pack at CreativeThink.com, or the Creativity Toolbox on GoCreate.com. And one resource I continue to return to for creativity techniques can be found at the inimitable Mycoted Ltd. web site–hands-down the best site on the Web for creativity and brainstorming tools.

Wordsmiths and bloggers who normally seek creative inspiration from the thesaurus or dictionary should try out Visual Thesaurus, which charts a visual representation of the rich associations among words, creating an intriguing linguistic map that lures the user on. The web site allows for one trial–over all too quickly like a really great amusement park ride–but visitors can purchase a one-month subscription for only $2.95—not a bad bargain for a playful, three-dimensional alternative to your old dog-eared Roget’s.

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