THE TERRITORY AHEAD: Online journal examines the rise of law in cyberspace

First Monday examines the role of law in cyberspaceAs the Internet grows in influence, more and more does the business of the real world become intertwined and run parallel with the dealings of the digital world.

In cyberspace, we engage in commerce, form communities, and share ideas. We even reside at digital addresses where we receive mail or visitors. Not only does the Internet facilitate real-world transactions and interactions, but it has also provided the matrix from which virtual worlds have sprung.

The events and activities that transpire on the Internet hold real-world consequences and questions: Who controls the Internet? What relevance does the geography of the real world, with its territorial boundaries and laws, have to cyberspace which transcends the bounds of physical borders? What law applies to Internet transactions? And who decides? If disputes arise in cyberspace, as most surely they do, by what mechanism should they be resolved?

This month’s edition of First Monday, an online peer-reviewed journal on the phenomenon of the Internet, takes up these questions and ponders the nexus between cyberspace and law in a fascinating collection of articles entitled, “Law and Borders: The Rise of Law in Cyberspace, Ten Years Later“.

Included in this collection are:

First Monday, as its name suggests, is published on the first Monday of each month.

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