IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE: In Search of Perfect Client Service inspires attorneys and others to go the distance in serving clients

In Search of Perfect Client Service hosts this week's Blawg ReviewAnyone who runs a business knows that success depends upon meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations.

No one seems to know that better than Patrick Lamb, an attorney whose deep commitment to exceptional client service has motivated him to publish In Search of Perfect Client Service, a blog aimed at inspiring the legal community to go the distance for clients.

(Patrick, incidentally, hosts this week’s Blawg Review, the weekly review of law blogging hosted each week at a different blog.)

Not just attorneys but mediators and other dispute resolution professionals should visit Patrick’s blog to find plenty of ideas to guide them in their own quest for the holy grail of outstanding service for clients. Explore Patrick’s posts by sampling his list of categories (located in the right column), and take time as well to hunt through his blogroll (in the left column) for links to other great resources on running and marketing a successful practice–in particular his article on Michelle Golden, who publishes Golden Practices, a blog filled with ideas and tips for professional service firms.

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