FAMILY TIES: Web site links to resources for divorce mediators and for couples and families coping with divorce and separation

Web site a great resource for divorcing familiesAs a mediator, my practice is fairly diverse, although over time my work has come to focus on two primary areas: organizations and businesses on the one hand, and couples and families on the other.

While in some ways there are overlap and similarity between these two groups–businesses and families alike seek ways to deal practically and constructively with conflict–they each have very different needs.

Therefore, I’m in the early stages of developing a separate web site that will focus solely on the needs of prospective and current divorce and family mediation clients.

One of my goals is to offer links to user-friendly, quality online resources for families and parents. In my search for web sites that fit the bill, a colleague introduced me to a particularly good one that I would recommend to those who work with families and couples dealing with divorce or separation, as well as to anyone who may themselves be in the process of getting divorced.

The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) has created an online resource center with one section for professionals working with divorcing families and another for parents coping with separation or divorce.

In the section for parents, follow the link to the British of Columbia’s Ministry of Attorney General’s Families Change web site, which features a Kids’ Guide to Separation and Divorce for children aged 5 to 12, along with a version for teens.

You’ll also find on the AFCC web site an excellent “Basic Parenting Plan Guide for Parents” created by the Oregon Judicial Department (in PDF), which provides some helpful “Questions to Ask Yourself” to guide parents in creating workable parenting plans.

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