HIDDEN AGENDA: Online test reveals conscious and subconscious biases

Online test reveals hidden biasesPeople often discover this blog while searching for online tests and games, particularly those that involve negotiation or conflict resolution.

Mediators like myself in particular are intrigued by tests that probe for hidden biases or reveal subconscious tendencies. This is in large measure due to how integral impartiality is to the role we play: cultivating self-awareness becomes critical to fulfilling that role.

One of the most provocative online tests can be found at the web site for Project Implicit, a collaborative research project undertaken by researchers at Harvard University, the University of Washington, and the University of Virginia. This research project utilizes online tests to gather information about and gain insights into conscious and unconscious preferences on a wide range of topics, including religion, sexuality, gender, race, and even U.S. presidents.

You can view a demonstration here.

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