VIVE LA REVOLUTION: Legal futurist Richard Susskind offers predictions for the future of dispute resolution

Legal futurist Richard Susskind offers predictions for the future of legal practiceLegal futurist and IT visionary Richard Susskind offers his predictions about the future of the law in “Hold on to your seats, change is getting faster,” an article posted on Times Online. Susskind paints a vivid picture of the ways in which he anticipates technological advances will continue to radically transform legal practice.

According to Susskind,

The foundations of dispute resolution will be rocked by a combination of electronic disclosure, e-filing in the courts and online dispute resolution. Legal education and training, along with knowledge management, will be reconceived and reshaped by e-learning and online community. At the same time, the working relationships between lawyers and their clients will mutate beyond recognition, as they come under the one virtual roof and operate under a new order of online collaboration and communication.

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Also, for an exploration of a rapidly developing interdisciplinary movement in the law, read Professor of Law Susan Daicoff’s “Law as a Healing Profession: The ‘Comprehensive Law Movement’“. This article examines the converging forces of collaborative law, creative problem solving, restorative justice, transformative mediation, and other related fields that comprise a movement which seeks to revolutionize the legal system and the delivery of justice.

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