TECHNOLOGY TODAY: New web site helps mediators leverage technology in their practice

Tammy Lenski launches MediatorTech to help the ADR professional leverage technology in their practicesSlowly but surely, more and more of us in the alternative dispute resolution field are recognizing the power of technology to transform the way we work. Technology has not only grown more accessible, but there is an increasing—and often bewildering—array of tools available.

To help mediators make sense of the abundance of technological innovations to choose among, Tammy Lenski, profiled here last year, has launched MediatorTech, a blog aimed at aiding ADR professionals “build, promote and manage thriving practices by leveraging technology to make those jobs easier.”

MediatorTech promises to do much to demystify and bring within reach the realm of technology. Posts so far include “How to Teleconference for Free“, “Think Blogging Is for You?”, and “5 Questions Before Starting an E-Zine“.

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