GATHER ROUND: Web site offers community, connection, and rewards for writers and readers helps writers connect and network with readersAnother web-based experiment in networking and community is underway at, a web site designed to bring together writers and readers seeking to connect around topics of mutual interest.

Currently in its beta version, allows visitors to register, create a profile, upload images, publish articles, establish a network of friends, colleagues, and family, and make contact with others. Just for participating, members of can even earn “Gather Points”, similar to frequent flyer miles, which will eventually be redeemable with online merchants. functions much like a gigantic, multi-author blog: Writers can create and publish articles using a WYSIWYG editor, with the option of uploading images to include with the text. Publication is instantaneous and writers retain the ability to edit articles or delete them entirely, while readers are allowed to post comments. And, if you enjoy the work of a particular author, you can subscribe to them and receive notification by email whenever they publish.

The directory of articles is arranged by topic and is fully searchable, so visitors can easily locate articles of interest. Although right now the web site only permits the publication of articles, the plan is to enable members to publish all kinds of files–podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, and even shareware–to bring a wide range of content to what anticipates will be a rapidly growing audience.

To see what kinds of connections are possible, read this essay on by writer Marin Amundson-Graham.

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