ALL IN THE FAMILY: Television documentary to explore divorce mediation

Documentary on divorce mediation is in the worksA continuing fascination for me is the depiction of conflict and negotiation in popular culture. As I have discovered, while depictions of conflict are common, depictions of conflict resolution in the media are quite rare.

Back in March I reported here on “Families at War”, a British television series which exposes the dynamics and roots of family conflict and documents the efforts of specially selected families to resolve their differences under a mediator’s guidance.

Media-watching mediators may be interested to learn that plans are underway here in the U.S. to turn the camera’s lens on divorce mediation. Independent television producer Kate Hudec is working with Massachusetts mediator Diane Neumann to create a documentary which will explore the experience of divorce mediation.

Neumann is currently seeking a divorcing couple willing to participate in this first-of-its-kind project. Information and a contact form are available here.

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