UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Construction law blogs great resources for construction mediators and arbitrators

Construction law blogs a great resource for construction industry mediators and arbitratorsADR has become increasingly popular with the construction industry here in the U.S., which more and more recognizes the benefits that ADR can bring—cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and the ability to preserve business relationships. Recognizing this developing demand, a sizeable number of mediators and arbitrators specialize in the resolution of construction-related disputes.

All of us in ADR, regardless of what kind of specialization we focus on, look for ways to stay on top of news and developments in our field. Construction mediators and arbitrators should check out the growing number of construction law blogs as a great source for the latest in news and information on the construction industry.

These blogs include (in no particular order):

The Construction Law Blog
(published by Don Hawbaker, who is an attorney and a mediator with a most impressive background)

Construction Owners & Builders Law Blog
(author Robert Williamson was kind enough to link to my blog recently—thanks, Robert!)

Real Estate and Construction Law Blog
(which also covers environmental and land use law)

Build on This
(focusing on the real estate, construction, and land use industry)

Attorney Charles R. Schrader’s Construction Labor Law Blog

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