This week's Blawg Review receives infernally divine inspirationOne of my New Year’s resolutions (hey, it’s never too early to start thinking about them, especially creative ways to break them) is to do a far better job of plugging Blawg Review, the carnival of law blogs hosted at a different law blog each week.

You should make a resolution yourself to be a frequent visitor–Blawg Review not only brings you the best of the week in legal blogging, but it showcases the creative genius and literary talents of the weekly hosts. See for yourself—this week’s edition, hosted at Infamy or Praise, is sublimely inspired by the verse and imagery of Dante’s Inferno.

Links to past and future hosts are listed in Blawg Review’s sidebar on its main page. And Blawg Review isn’t just for lawyers–anyone with a passion for the law will find much there that will inform, enlighten, and, yes, even amuse.

(And, on February 6, Blawg Review will be hosted by yours truly–to my knowledge the first mediator to do so. The pressure is on, since the quality has been absolutely top-notch. I’ve got extremely tough acts to follow.)

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