ASKING AROUND: ABA Section of Litigation's Question of the Month inquires into use of ADR by lawyers

Survey seeks to gauge how widely ADR is utilized by attorneys Because of what it reveals about what my fellow lawyers think about issues impacting the practice of law, one of my favorite places to drop by on the American Bar Association web site is the Section of Litigation’s “Question of the Month”. June’s question, for example, uncovered to a surprising (and depressing) extent how deep career dissatisfaction runs among attorneys–or at least among those who responded to the survey.

September’s question concerns ADR and asks to what extent alternative dispute resolution has affected the practice of law for attorneys and how widely it is utilized. You can complete the survey here.

Results typically take about a month to be tallied and posted to the web site—I’ll plan to revisit this as soon as the results of September’s survey become available.

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