SPREAD THE WORD: Podcasting the ideal tool for mediation and negotiation practitioners and teachers

Podcasting an ideal tool for ADR practitioners and educators Shortly before I departed for last week’s business trip, I blogged about Negotiating Tip of the Week, an audioblog featuring weekly reflections on challenges and strategies in negotiation.

Negotiating Tip, created and published weekly by Joshua N. Weiss, Ph.D., Associate Director of the Global Negotiation Project at the Harvard Program on Negotiation, offers an especially creative example of the ways in which technology and the Internet can be utilized to serve as innovative teaching and information dissemination tools in the ADR field.

Dr. Weiss was kind enough to share with me and my readers an article he recently completed–“Podcasting: A New Tool to Plant and Sow the Seeds of Negotiation and Mediation“. This article explains podcasting basics (and provides one of the clearest explanations of RSS I’ve read so far), offers some podcasting how-to’s (including links to useful web sites to help podcasting novices get started), and describes the benefits podcasting offers mediation and negotiation practitioners and educators alike. The potential this medium holds for the ADR field is virtually limitless.

Click here to download the article in Word format. (Dr. Weiss, my deepest appreciation.)

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