RESOLUTIONARY THINKING: Web-based conflict resolution training program puts power in learners’ hands

New online conflict resolution training platform enables learners to power up to new ideas.Facilitated by technology, e-learning has opened up a whole world of possibilities for trainers and students alike. Web-based learning platforms, which can utilize both synchronous and asynchronous methods for communication, enable teachers and learners, regardless of their geographical locations, to come together to share information and ideas.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to tour ResolutionWorks Online, a revolutionary new conflict resolution training system created by attorney, mediator, consultant, author, and ADR visionary Stewart Levine. Stewart, who possesses over a quarter century of experience in dispute resolution, is the founder of the Oakland-based Resolution Works, whose mission is to fundamentally transform “the way our culture currently resolves conflicts”.

ResolutionWorks Online is a web-based, facilitated learning platform which is designed to teach participants tools, concepts, and skills for effective conflict resolution and collaboration. It provides organizations with a “common language and common practices” to create a new climate for addressing internal conflict.

As Stewart points out, the goal of ResolutionWorks Online, which promotes collaborative problem-solving, is not just about “getting to resolution” but instead underscores the importance of “getting to relationship”.

The program is grounded in Stewart’s written work, which includes two books, The Book of Agreement: 10 Essential Elements for Getting the Results You Want and Getting to Resolution: Turning Conflict Into Collaboration.

Utilizing an asynchronous discussion format, the program accommodates different learning styles and rates, which promotes dialogue and maximizes participation. The advantages a program like this offers an organization is the ability to provide training without incurring travel expenses and to offer a program which participants can access at their own time and pace.

ResolutionWorks Online is user-friendly with an intuitive interface. It contains six “learning cycles” or modules for participants to complete, which provide instruction through text, streaming audio narrated by Stewart, quizzes for participants to privately measure their own ability to understand and retain concepts, and queries participants are invited to respond to and share with the group.

The program’s features, all of which are clearly labeled and easy to access, include a “Query Space” where participants post their answers to queries posed to them in each of the learning cycles and where they are able to view each other’s responses; a “Discussion Center” for discussion threads and posts for participants’ comments and questions; a useful “Help & FAQ’s” section; and even for fun a conflict resolution version of the old game show “Concentration”. The program also has a nifty “Resume” tab which allows participants to return to the last learning module they had worked on and a “My Progress” feature which enables a participant to monitor their own progress.

Throughout the program a moderator provides structure and guidance to the participants and is available as a resource for questions and concerns that may arise.

For more information about ResolutionWorks Online, please visit the web site. You can also view a demo by clicking here.

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