THE VIEW FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE: A strategic conversation with educator and entrepreneur Tammy Lenski

A strategic conversation with Dr. Tammy Lenski Online Guide to Mediation is pleased to announce that a new interview is now available at ADR All-Stars, our special companion blog featuring interviews with extraordinary individuals who have influenced or contributed in significant ways to the alternative dispute resolution field.

Our latest interview spotlights Tammy Lenski, Ed.D. Tammy, a highly respected educator and leader in the alternative dispute resolution field here in the U.S., is the founder of Lenski Strategic, LLC, a company based in Dublin, New Hampshire, which provides ADR services nationally, with a special and unique focus on the needs of women in leadership roles in business and the workplace.

Tammy is also the publisher of Strategic Conversations, a blog devoted to ADR and negotiation strategies for women.

For the full text of the interview, which includes Tammy’s reflections and insights on mediation education and training, the needs of women in the workplace, and new directions for the dispute resolution field, please click here.

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