INNOVATIONS IN MEDIATION TRAINING AND EDUCATION: Woodbury College offers new graduate program in mediation

Woodbury College offers innovative new graduate program in mediation Regular readers know how much I emphasize the importance of quality training and education in preparation for a career in mediation.

Woodbury College in Montpelier, Vermont, has gained a reputation for its highly regarded preparatory programs for mediators and conflict resolution professionals. In fact, Woodbury recently launched what its web site describes as a “first of its kind” graduate program in mediation and applied conflict studies. This program combines face-to-face with online learning, together with supervised practical experience for students. To support the acquisition of knowledge and skills, Woodbury utilizes a “cohort model” which allows students to “come together as a community of learners to engage in continuous, collaborative learning”.

For further information, please visit the Woodbury College web site.

Coming up this week, Online Guide to Mediation will publish a brand-new ADR All-Stars interview—this one featuring Tammy Lenski, an esteemed member of the Woodbury College faculty, and an exceptional and successful ADR practitioner based in New Hampshire.

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