News sources around the U.S. report endlessly on the devastation left in the path of Hurricane Katrina. I’ve been to New Orleans twice within the past twelve months to conduct corporate training, and I am deeply saddened to think of the unimaginable loss that the people I worked with in Louisiana are facing in the aftermath of the storm. I hope, therefore, that you will understand this off-topic post.

To make donations to aid hurricane disaster relief, visit the web site for the American Red Cross. (Their web site has received countless visitors, so the page may take some time to load.) Cash contributions are urgently needed. Click here for a list of other organizations which support the relief effort.

With the enormity of human suffering involved, it is easy to forget that animals–wildlife, pets and livestock–have also been impacted by the storm. Rescue operations and efforts to find shelter for abandoned or lost animals are now underway, thanks to the Humane Society of the United States, which seeks donations as well.

To gain some sense of the power and ferocity of the storm that pounded the Gulf Coast states, you can view this video clip of Katrina shot in Gulfport, Mississippi, by storm chaser Scott McPartland, or see the clip shot in the same location by storm photographer Dave Lewison of (Thanks to Ericka Gray for the links to the hurricane video clips.)

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