SCHOOL DAYS: Web sites offer resources for the start of a new academic year

Online resources for the first day of school Here in the Greater Boston area, the start of school for elementary and secondary school students is just around the corner (a day of national mourning for most kids, but a time of rejoicing for some parents—memorably conveyed by this 2001 TV commercial for Staples office products).

In honor of the beginning of the new school year, the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences has released an electronic press kit to help parents prepare their children for the challenges that a new school year can present, aimed at “encourage[ing] the teaching of the ‘whole’ child”. This kit offers strategies on fighting childhood obesity, handling emergencies, and even tips on dealing with conflict.

A great resource for parents, educators, and kids is the Southern Poverty Law Center‘s award-winning web site,, which offers resources for promoting diversity and combatting bullying and violence in schools and communities.

For ADR professionals and attorneys on the lookout for a great resource on developments and news in education law, visit the web site for the National School Boards Association, as well as BoardBuzz, the NSBA’s highly informative weblog.

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