ONLINE GUIDE TO MEDIATION takes a short recess during the week of August 14

Online Guide to Mediation will resume blogging on Monday, August 22 As much as I would enjoy devoting all my waking hours to blogging, I have a day job that demands my attention. In fact, I’m on my way out of town on business and will have only limited access to the Internet while I’m away, so I won’t be blogging until my return on Monday, August 22.

In the meantime there’s still plenty of stuff here for your reading pleasure. You need look no further than my sidebar, over there on the right. What you’ll find includes:

A search tool.

This blog has a search feature—if there’s something in particular you’re looking for, or an article you’d like to re-read, simply enter your search word or phrase and hit “enter”. You can find the search tool both in the sidebar and conveniently located right at the top of the page.

Previous posts.

Check out previous posts. Although Blogger software displays in the sidebar links to the 10 most recent posts only, if you keep scrolling down on the home page, you’ll discover a great deal more than that. Three of July and August’s most frequently visited posts include these titles:

BECOMING A MEDIATOR: What you should know before you change careers


WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE: Putting an end to coercive judicial settlement practices

Online Guide to Mediation’s archives.

Since I launched Online Guide to Mediation back in January of this year, I’ve published some 143 posts. Feel free to peruse the archives which are arranged in chronological order by month. You’ll find everything from information on choosing a mediation training, to creative ideas for collaborative problem-solving, to the influences of culture on negotiation.

Blogs I’m reading.

My blogroll is full of blogs that offer plenty of great reading, some ADR-related, many not. If you’re looking for news and commentary on mediation and mediation practice issues, be sure to visit Perry Itkin’s blog, Florida Mediator. And if you’re looking for ideas on jumpstarting a mediation practice, visit Dina Beach Lynch’s Mediation Mensch.

Have a great week, everybody. And, of course, thanks as always for stopping by.

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