BRAVE NEW WORLD: New online bar association creates opportunities for global dialogue on law and commerce in cyberspace provides a virtual forum for dialogue among attorneys around the worldThe Internet, as I have discussed before, provides vast opportunities for connection and communication, facilitating dialogue and the dissemination of information. Simultaneously conference center, marketplace, library, and town square, it is at once local, national, and global, transcending the limits of physical geography.

This of course has legal, business and social ramifications. What laws govern in cyberspace? What rules define conduct and interactions in a space without borders? What role can attorneys, business owners, and others play here to develop processes and protocols that instill confidence in online transactions and communications?

Jeffrey Aresty, of Aresty International Law Offices, P.C., an e-commerce and Internet business law practice based in Boston, has been pondering these kind of questions.

To explore these and other questions relevant to the practice of law and online commerce, he recently founded, a virtual legal community and bar association for attorneys around the world.’s mission is to promote the practice of law online, further the development of sound ethical practices in cyberspace, and “work towards the harmonization of the rule of law on the internet”—all through the collaborative efforts of members.

Membership and registration are free and provide visitors to the site with access to the full texts of articles and the ability to participate in web-based discussions. For more information and to read’s statement of purpose, click here.

One response to “BRAVE NEW WORLD: New online bar association creates opportunities for global dialogue on law and commerce in cyberspace

  1. Hi Diane,My name is Chris Albert and I am clerking with Jeff Aresty this summer. Thanks for putting us on your blog! It seems like momentum at is really generating, and we’ve got a great online dispute resolution (ODR) program in the works. We’re working to partner with the Suffolk County Superior Court to alleviate some of their case load and administer the program as a clinic through Suffolk University. We’ve developed tools to help the mediator: (1) assess litigant trust, and (2) train the parties to approach ODR from a different frame of mind.