LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD BLOGGERS: MIT seeks bloggers to participate in a weblog survey

MIT needs bloggers to respond to their survey on blogging, communication, and social interaction Yes, I know, this is totally off topic, but for those of my readers who are fellow bloggers, this is important stuff.

Bloggers, are you interested in doing your bit for science? The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is conducting a survey to measure the impact blogging has on communication and social interactions. It’s painless, it’s easy, and it’ll take just a few minutes of your time.

Plus, you get a very cool sticker to place on your blog to direct other bloggers to the survey (like the one affixed to this post–you’ll find another just like it in my sidebar). And, as a big bonus, completion of the survey entitles you to take a peek at survey results so far.

When I took the survey this afternoon, 5,982 bloggers had responded to date. I invite you to do your part to up that number and impact the demographics.

Confidentiality of data is totally assured, so you can share your stats knowing that no traceable information will be kept that could potentially reveal your blogging secrets.

For more details on the M.I.T. blog survey, click here.

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