Some new features at Online Guide to MediationThere was construction underway over the weekend on Online Guide to Mediation’s sidebar (that’s the column over there on the right). Please take some time to check out the latest additions:

1. A brand-spanking-new blogroll. (Just scroll down to find it–it’s below my list of links.) This is an inventory of the blogs I enjoy reading, broken down by categories—alternative dispute resolution blogs, law blogs, blog directories, miscellaneous blogs, and blogs with great names. (The last category gave me some consternation, since I didn’t want anyone on my blogroll whose blogs weren’t included in this category to believe for one minute that I didn’t think the names of their blogs were great, too. For the record, I think they’re all great.)

By the way, if you’re looking for an easy way to manage your own blogroll, I would recommend Bloglines. It’s a terrific way to keep track of your RSS news feeds as well. (Thanks, George, for the helpful advice.)

2. A link to the new ADR Web Ring which Mediation Mensch Dina Beach Lynch and I have co-created. You’ll find it right at the very end of my sidebar. Dina and I extend an open invitation to anyone with an interest in alternative dispute resolution (or who is ADR-friendly) to join our web ring. If you have a blog, web site, wiki, directory, search engine, or online community, we want to know about it. Join the ADR Web Ring and get your web site listed so the rest of us can see what you’ve been up to. Not sure if your web site belongs? Go ahead and submit it anyway—we want to be inclusive, not exclusive.

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